Time to get your yoga on! Anywhere, Anytime, 24/7 365 days a year. I'm April, the owner of Yoga Central in Indian Wells, CA. A former professional dancer in my first life, an athlete in my 2nd and Yoga studio owner and instructor in my current life, I consider myself a movement junkie. These videos offer clear, concise, alignment based yoga instruction for all levels. There's something for everyone here... from beginners to advanced practitioners. Feel like a flow? We have plenty of options. Looking for some corework? Oh yeah, we got you covered. How about a restorative stretch? Indeed, we can help you there too. Whatever strikes your yogi fancy... whenever, wherever.... your yoga practice just got more convenient and accessible!


Go-To Flow 50 min
Go-To Flow 50 min
$5.00 / 1 day
This practice hits all the key spots leaving you refreshed and invigorated, empowered yet relaxed. Just enough strength poses to challenge you. The perfect stretch to hit those tight spots. A flow to reconnect to your breath and walk away feeling like the yogi you are!
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Go-To Flow 50 min
This practice hits all the key spots leaving you refreshed and invigorated, empowered yet relaxed. Just enough strength poses to challenge you. The perfect stretch to hit those tight spots. A flow to reconnect to your breath and walk away feeling like the yogi you are!
Core Blast 2 - 40 min
Strengthen and Tone your core from all directions - front, side and back. Bringing awareness to how your body recruits the appropriate muscles from the core in all physical endeavors is critical to protect your spine, support your organs and increase your performance on all levels.
Vin Yin - 50 min
A Vinyasa flow sandwiched between 2 slices of Yin. The perfect practice to complement your golf, tennis, gardening, hike, run...... Deep stretches to start, a bit of flowy movement and capped off with some more deep stretches. Lots of cameos from the OG Eddy.
Heart Opener All Levels - 1 hour
A heart opening practice will bring energy and vitality not only into your body but into your spirit. Something about creating space physically in that area of the body gives the heart permission to open up and let in some goodness in or perhaps let go of something no longer serving you. Look for shoulder and front hip openers to prepare and then backbends laying down, standing on your knees and dancers pose.
Twist & Shout All Levels - 50 min
Twisting is a great way to experience a bind and yet still seek space. That wringing out process makes us feel like we can squeeze out what's unnecessary physically and even energetically so that we come out of that restriction, blood flows and we can feel closer to our organic selves. Shoulder stretches, lots of twists, eagle pose and of course a sweet ending for the legs and hips is what you can expect from this practice.
Sculpt Yoga - 45 min

Get a whole body work out in - shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, core and some good leg strengthening. A well rounded workout that will challenge and empower you. Sweat it all out and then chill with a nice cool down of stretches.

Wake Up Flow 2- 40 min
A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Just enough movement to get the juices flowing, energize you for the day but not tap into the reserves. You will start your day on a high note or if you choose to wind down from the day with this flow, the balance of effort and ease can get you in the right mood to successfully call it a day.
Birthday Yin - 1hour
Settle into your breath with me on my birthday. Deep shoulder & hip openers. A surprise balancing pose to harness your focus. Wring it all out with an amazing twist at the end. Save room for birthday cake.... savasana is so sweet!
Flowy Flow - 1 hour
A flowing class linking movement to breath. Practice the sequence once to find your groove and then repeat the same sequence allowing your breath to create a metronome to pace your movement. Cool down with pigeon pose and a nice stretch to your hamstrings.
All Levels Flow - Shoulders, Hipflexors & Backbends
This class starts with a nice quad/hip flexor followed by shoulder stretches and moves right into a solid flow. You'll be all primed for some delicious backbends and then get into those hips at the end with Compass pose and let's not forget those hammies!
Core Blast - 40 min
Tone, stretch & strengthen your core - front, side and back. A core-focused practice that will give you a burn and then stretch it all out.
Your First Yoga Class
A gentle class with lots of instruction if you are new to yoga. This class is also a great choice for the days when you need a slower flow, want to refine your basic postures and focus on clean, smooth transitions..
Restorative + Yin 50 min
From head to toe, this video will stretch you out. Settle in your breath and allow your body to organically open up creating space, discovery and a sacred stillness.
Garden Sculpt Yoga - 1 hour
A good workout for every major muscle group of the body. A yoga flow warm up followed by a good burn with lunges, squats, planks, pushups. Chill in the garden as you stretch it all out with pigeon. Save a few minutes so you can savor your savasana.
Wake Up Flow - 30 min
A nice flow practice that hits all the key spots. Move and flow and get the blood flowing. A perfect way to start the day - not too much and not too little. Your day is sure to be off to an amazing start.
My Momma's Gentle Flow - 35 minutes
Some days you just need to go a little slow. Doesn't mean you can't dig in deep. Let your breath pace your flow and let the practice take care of the rest. You'll feel energized and refreshed after this session but not worn out so you can tackle the day with a clear head.